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Monday, December 07, 2009

Today morning

It was a dark night, the sun had given up and bid adeiu much earlier that day. No one dared venture outside the cosy confines of a (n artificially) warm home or car because, lets face it, we aren't all that brave.
I went to sleep nursing the last vestiges of cold, fervently hoping that it would by history by the break of dawn. After a very promising night of no jarring sounds emnating from my vocal chords, I woke up to a dim shaft of light peering in through the blinds. There was a gentle pitter patter going on, and in my befuddled state, I couldn't comprehend why someone would leave their bathroom tap on. Once the cobwebs of sleep gave way to consciousness, I realized it was the rain against the glass pane.

Got up, took shower, started.

I look to the left into the mountains, and I see http://www.google.com/search?q=snow+bay+area&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&client=firefox-a&rlz=1R1GGGL_en___US356 !!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Salt, Pepper and a little extra


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Circa Jan 2009 - July 12 2009

... The calm that preceded it and the madness that ensued!
New Year 2009 started with me, my phlegm :| (Yes, I had a bad cold throughout that week), the couch, the TV and umpteen cans of soup. After an uneventful 2008 (well, not really.. I lost a car, gained one and ran 13 miles in a go between one car to another :P), and after the eager countdown to 2009 from my side as well as D's, had an interesting trip to florida just before the curtains closed on 2008. Spent a bomb during the entire trip, but came back recharged and refreshed until the lords of cold finally caught up with me :|
Two weeks went by with one trip to the airport and out of nowhere there was a sudden renewal of frayed threads, almost forgotten contacts, and finally a long overdue pilgrimage to the dish.
A rendezvous for coffee became more than just that and fast-forward another week, and "Hey, so what do you think? Do you want to come help with dialogues for this musical?". A meeting, and yet another meeting later, I was IN !! .. fleshing out these 6 entities, thinking like them, talking like them, getting into and out of their shoes to know EXACTLY how they'd react, so much so that the discussions would often degenerate to "no no, why the hell would Preeti say that!!??!! Rahul would NEVER do such a thing" .. and so on...
Things just sped by in a haze.. Professionally, personally there was so much going on that I can hardly separate one from another now :)))
The pace slowed down a little, and then I was like "Ohhh, why dont I get involved here too, and that, and thaat? yeah sure why not!" and it just kept adding up.
And then there was this woman who calls me Nan's (do I look like a paratha? I thought I was more of the cushion!) and believes in "racing to the TOP" .. and this other woman who keeps bugging me for 5 bucks so that she can go get a life and dances in 24 hr dance marathons... it just kept getting more and more interesting !!
Before I knew it , it was the July 4th long weekend, and 35 people had everything from butterflies to huuuge dragons in their stomachs about July 12th !
Now, one week and two days later.. I realized I was aware of the hills yet again and that going to work is probably THE main activity I'll be doing for some time to come, and that weekends are actually going to be less busy and more relaxed than weekdays :))
The roller coaster is on smoother rails now.. but what a ride it was!! ;)

The lesson to take home ?

UNAMAS \\m//

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Buggy code and windy roads!

The inception for this post was waaaaay back in Jan, sometime when I was trying to merge on to the right most lane on Montague Expressway to get to work, and I got this incredible urge, bordering on an extreme craving to run away to skyline boulevard. Well, that never happened, but heck, this post was born. And remained still born.
And got lost somewhere in the prosaic reality of the semi-monthly deposit to my checking account and the pursuit of that ephemeral thing called happiness.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


BEAUTIFUL dialogue from Dilli6.

Zarre Zarre mein usii kaa Noor hai,
jhank khud mein, woh na tujhse door hai..
Ishq hai usse toh sabse ishq kar,
Ishq hai usse toh sabse ishq kar,
Iss ibaadat kaa yahi dastoor hai.

Ismey usmey, aur usmey hai wohi,
Ismey usmey, aur usmey hai wohi,
Yaar mera har taraf bharpoor hai...

Amitabh's dialogue.. and obviously very movingly delivered!

I find his light/divinity in every particle,
just look into yourself, he's right there,
Love everyone just as you would love him,
This is the essence of the universe..
He's here and there, and there too,
My friend, he's everywhere and in abundance!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The smartest people in the universe are probably kids.. Untouched by anything even remotely negative, bundles of innocence, joy, laughter and curiosity. It is only later that curiosity becomes desire, innocence gets misclassified as "that guy who'll get nowhere" and the horizon always ends up being what you're looking for.
And one fine day you realize, to be is just to "be", which is why today is called the present.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Naya Saal.. Nyquil Ke Saath!!